Business North: Grand Rapids Kmart to close

Grand Rapids Kmart to close

Business North reports that the Grand Rapids Kmart will close, perhaps in June 2014. PHOTO:

The Grand Rapids, Minnesota, Kmart store is about to ship its pants for the last time, according to Business North.

Unofficial reports put the closure of the Grand Rapids Kmart sometime in June. City officials notified of the coming closure are now planning to work with the building’s owner to seek new tenants or alternative uses for the building, which Kmart has leased. Business North has a brief story on their website.

Though Wal-Mart and Target now lead the Iron Range retail market, most of us alive before the mid-’90s remember the early days of the box stores, when it was all Kmart and, to a lesser extent, the regional chain Pamida. Despite clever ads toying with the notion of incontinence, Kmart has since struggled.

NOTE: And despite my inability to refrain from Kmart jokes, I do extend my thoughts and prayers to the people put out of work by this event. Many of them are full time workers, not just part timers, and this will be a challenging year for them.



  1. I agree, it’s unfortunate..especially for those who’ll be without a job. As a community we’re fortunate Target and Walmart are here. Without them, we’d be paying a lot more for our everyday household consumables. I’d venture to say a percentage of those losing their jobs will be able to get on at these remaining competitive stores due to their demand increasing.

  2. This is very predictable, as is the ultimate closing of Wal-Mart and Target. I understand that people are happy on the Range to be paying rock bottom prices for imported good, but the people there — of all places — should understand the social and cultural implications of making workers into a commodity (which is at the core of the big box model).

    I too feel bad for all of those people caught up in the economic transition. There will be many more. The quicker we can restore those traditional economic relationships that existed in our communities before the automobile age — strong downtowns surrounded by and connected to strong neighborhoods — the quicker there will be more opportunity for the disenfranchised.

  3. Now Charles is a true troll Aaron…Kind of a funny guy, but a troll.

    • Ah Ranger. Charles is not a troll. You probably agree with him on plenty of ideas and subjects. Maybe you should read his book(s).

      A troll often comments on the comments and veers wildly off subject in order to create dissonance and seek a reaction. For example, I might tell you it is impossible to be both Catholic and Jeffersonian. You know: pray for US, WE believe. The juxtaposition is too heavy.

      So, I guess Charles could better be described as a conservative Catholic with an eye toward the aggregate. Its more about individuals working together to benefit each others mutual self-interest, not trolling.

  4. Charles wishes to debate how good life was in Bovey prior to the invention of the wheel and when we had 13 grocery stores including Mandy’s, Chucker’s, Dimich’s, Hageman’s, IGA, Garari’s…among others. I’ll admit it’s somewhat related…but life before the wheel?? That’s a bit wildly off the subject. I’ll sure his works are entertaining. Enlightening? Not so much.

  5. Now who’s the troll?

  6. Dorothy Sondgeroth says

    Someone asked me who was there before K-Mart. I said I thought it was Goldfein’s. ( sp? ). Then they asked when Godlfein’s moved in that building. That< I don't know, for sure. Anyone here know?

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