Cold year has Lake Superior freezing over

Lake Superior Ice Map

Ice coverage on the western end of Lake Superior photographed Feb. 6 by NASA’s Terra satellite.

Northern Minnesota’s winter, like much of North America, has been abnormally cold this year. This frigid 2013/2014 winter has Lake Superior freezing over, a rare occurrence on the continent’s freshwater sea.

The lake was over 90 percent ice this weekend, and speculation is that continued cold will lead to the first ice-over since 1996. (Locals recall that as a particularly cold year).

Would you like me to continue this post? Would you like me to keep writing? Why have you read this far? I’ve told you the thing. It is a cold winter. A colder winter. A violent, cold winter. But not the coldest winter. Not yet.

I guess it should be mentioned that even if Lake Superior “ices over” it won’t be safe to walk across. It will become something we so seldom see in modern times: A natural wonder, impenetrable.

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