Joe Radinovich heating aid bill first to pass 2014 legislature

State PoliticsThe 2014 legislature got off to a mostly useful and bipartisan start with emergency legislation to fund home heating assistance programs. The bill, carried by Rep. Joe Radinovich (DFL-Crosby), comes amid what has become a crisis of short fuel supplies, rising costs and enormous heating demand amid one of the coldest winters in recent memory.

It was a good showcase for the talents of freshman Rep. Radinovich, who faces one of the toughest re-election battles in the House this fall in a very tight swing district. It’s unfortunate that Radinovich, who might be among the best and most focused DFL newcomers, might have the longest odds of re-election, but no matter what happens he’s got a future in public service. (And if he wins he becomes a future wrecking ball for the DFL)

Sally Jo Sorensen made this same observation, but you can see here when defending the home heating bill a Republican member tried to bait Joe Radinovich into a debate on global warming.

Radinovich didn’t take the bait, kept the debate on task and won bipartisan support for the bill. After 30 years of watching Range politicians, it’s nice to see such effective discipline.

(h/t Sally Sorensen, Bluestem Prairie)


  1. If we’re looking for someone who doesn’t represent the will of his constituents, we’ve got a winner.

  2. Well, Ranger, there is something known as the greater good, and Joe Radinovich obviously understands this very well…unlike the tunnel -vision faction in his district.

  3. Jackie,

    Do you want your local rep to offer up something you disagree with and tell you it was for the greater good but you just don’t understand?

    Joe looks to be facing the same fellow he beat, narrowly last time. Last campaign his opposition wasn’t very aggressive and Joe worked very hard both during the election and since. Doesn’t look to be a good year to be a DFLer, should be interesting.

  4. I say this by the way as an actual constituent of Joe’s…

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