Robo-rooters clog commissioners with septic sniping

The Mesabi Daily News’ top Sunday story this week was about hundreds of robo-calls to St. Louis County Commissioners over a septic policy change. Two of the most targeted commissioners — Keith Nelson from the eastern Mesabi, and Mike Forsman from the Vermilion Range — feel the calls were inappropriate and filled with misinformation, according to the story.

Listen, every county has septic system policies. Every county could potentially have disagreements about septic systems, and most probably have at one time or another. But St. Louis County, based on my 15 years of adult observations of this giant northern county, seems to have more than its fair share of septic discontent. Perhaps it’s because of all the lakes, the fact that half the county’s population is in one city while most of the land is either a mining region or deep wilderness? Perhaps it’s some sort of primal issue from back when the county was being potty trained by the territorial governments of the mid 1800s?

Anyway, this is a county where robo-calling about septic policies is happening. Aren’t you outraged? Or not outraged? I don’t know the proper emotion to have here.

I realize this post could have been much more helpful in opening the septic system debate. So, take that up in the comments. Or fill the comments with septic puns. That was my first instinct. For instance, “Let’s hope commissioners do their doody and formulate clear poo-licies.”

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