Team USA’s Shuster Rink down to last stones

Curling StoneThe U.S. men’s curling team from northern Minnesota played three more games yesterday and today. Unfortunately, the news is rather grim for Team USA’s Shuster Rink at the Sochi Olympics.

On Thursday, the American men lost a close 5-3 game against medal favorite Great Britain, but were outplayed masterfully at every end. Today brought the the last two games Shuster & Co. would have against weaker teams. They beat Germany 9-6 this morning, but just lost to host country Russia 7-6. This puts Team USA at two wins and four losses, needing to win all three games against Canada, Sweden and Switzerland. At least two of these would be considered major upsets. Additionally, like a NFL wildcard hopeful, the Shuster Rink will need “help” from other teams to get ahead of Norway and Canada.

The U.S. women, meantime, have managed just one win and are all but eliminated from medal round qualification.

The U.S. went into the Olympics as major curling underdogs and have been overdogged all week long. The Shuster Rink lost to Norway’s pants attack and Olympic surprise contender China, while beating Denmark.

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