WDSE’s ‘The Playlist’ celebrates 100 episodes

The Slamming Doors on The Playlist

The Slamming Doors perform on a previous episode of The Playlist on WDSE-Duluth (PBS North). The Playlist celebrated 100 episodes on the air last night. The Slamming Doors will be one of the featured acts in Aaron Brown’s Great Northern Radio Show on March 22, 2014 in Virginia, MN.

As you may recall, this blog advocates economic diversification in northern Minnesota and one of the ideas I push heavily is the arts. So I take a moment now to congratulate Karen Sunderman and the WDSE (PBS-North) program, “The Playlist,” on their 100th episode and five years on the air. The episode aired last night and was previewed in this Duluth News Tribune feature by Christa Lawler.

I rely quite heavily on The Playlist to uncover some of the best local bands for my own Great Northern Radio Show, and The Playlist has been quite kind to my little show as well. I’ve got a show coming up March 22 in Virginia, Minnesota (more on that to come), but as I look ahead to our future I can’t imagine life without The Playlist (or, at least, I prefer not to). Congratulations!

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