Always darkest before a long, losing baseball season

Kent Hrbekkent_hrbek_autograph.jpgWe’re going to win, Twins; we’re going to score.
We’re going to win, Twins, watch that baseball soar.
Knock out a home run, shout out …

Ugh, I can’t even finish this year.

It’s fitting that this year’s quintessential spring holiday — Baseball’s Opening Day — is marred by an ice and snow storm in northern Minnesota. The Minnesota Twins open the season against the Chicago White Sox on the South Side today, but reality dictates that when they come home to Target Field they’ll do so in a state still mostly covered in a dense snow pack.

I made the mistake of going to ESPN and reading about the Twins chances this season. About the only good thing about doing that is that it feels almost exactly like the opening sequence of “Major League,” a cacophony of voices repeating the mantra “They’re shitty.”

One can only hope that this rag-tag lot of losers can turn things around in a hilarious, action-packed way.

Randy Newman, set the scene:

Meantime, the Cleveland Indians look promising this year. You know, by comparison.

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