Beat spring fever with 2-day bus trip to different part of Midwest

Matt and Yvette take a bus ride to the FUTURE!

Matt and Yvette take a bus ride to the FUTURE!

So, the other night I was watching the local news in real time, which means watching actual commercials as they happen. (You know, the way “normals” watch TV). We often see the morning news shows, but usually miss the 10 p.m. edition.

Anyway, that’s where we saw this ad for a new bus-to-bus service offered by Arrowhead Transit and Jefferson Lines. Please … PLEASE … watch this:

I think we can all identify with Matt, the awkwardly pacing man. It has been a long winter. And somewhere in the kitchen of half the homes in the Northland sits a commercially-tanned woman like Yvette, looking through the screen of an inexpensive laptop at a misplaced, spending-based solution to that problem.

Just when I was expecting her to list some cheap flight to Orlando, we get the business: a bus ride to Kansas City. Not in the future. NOW! There’s you’re solution. Now call the bus company, because we’re going to need a bus to get to the other bus.

Now, I’ve heard of people taking impulse bus trips. But none of the people I know who have set out for the diesel-scented unknown have owned houses or furniture.

Look at the fridge. THEY HAVE CHILDREN! Where are they?

That shot of the bus pulling up to the other bus: Precious. Such service as one bus driver hands the single suitcase to the other bus driver.

But WAIT! They are going to see his brother in Kansas City (BY BUS!) and they DIDN’T CALL AHEAD. So they get there and the brother is all, “I don’t know guys, the wife has work tonight and the kid is sick.” And they’re all, “But, we rode the bus.”

I don’t have a thing against buses. I ride them and my family owns and operates buses. I don’t have a thing against Kansas City. I’ve been there and it’s nice. But neither buses nor Kansas City can defeat this gnawing, gaping, sucking wound inside my soul right now, caused by the annual March reversion of spring in northern Minnesota. Except maybe this insane ad. This was a bright spot. 

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