Great Northern Radio Show is Saturday night


It’s an exciting day: the live broadcast of my Great Northern Radio Show on Northern Community Radio is Saturday night, beaming out from the Mesabi Range College theater in Virginia, Minnesota.

The Great Northern Radio Show broadcasts from small towns and offbeat theaters around northern Minnesota, telling the story of the place and its people, featuring local talent and our own cast of professional actors and musicians. Original comedy, storytelling and interviews craft a vision of modern life in northern Minnesota that entertains and informs, but mostly brings big laughs and tapping toes.

I wrote about this program last week, if you’d like to know more about our guests and actors. This is our tenth show and I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished so far. Now we’re trying to make the pivot into even more markets in the next year or two (though we will always maintain the “flavor” of our northern Minnesota roots). We’ve generated a unique voice, a genuine twist on the format, and the show will continue to grow with the talent we amass.

Many have reserved free seats at the Mesabi Range College theater. The theater might be full, but experience has generally shown that there are always a few blank spots from people who couldn’t make it. So if you really want to go, get over here before 4:30 on Saturday.

Most of you will listen to the show on the radio. You can listen locally on 91.7 KAXE (Grand Rapids and the Iron Range), 90.5 (Bemidji and Bagley), 89.9 FM (Brainerd and Baxter) and 103.9 FM (Ely). You can stream Northern Community Radio live all over the world at


  1. Tom Miller says

    Hey Aaron! Once again, it was a great show last night. I hope you are continuing to recover your health. After the show I ran into Alyssa, she looked good and seemed really happy. Amanda was with her but unfortunately I did not realize who she was until I started home. I have not seen Amanda for about a decade so she looked a little different then I remembered, but her smile was very familiar. Amanda looked good and I hope she is doing well. Please tell her that I am sorry that I did not recognize her and I look forward to running in to her and catching up with her in the future. also. also, I visited your mom for a moment and we walked out the door with your grandpa and both your mom and grandpa expressed how priund they were of you. Have a relaxing day.
    Tom Miller

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