No ice for you! Lake Superior ice begins to recede

Lake Superior ice cover on March 12

Lake Superior ice cover on March 12, 2014, shows that the lake is now giving up its ice, never quite reaching the rare “total ice over” that some had expected.

John Myers at the Duluth News Tribune reports that Lake Superior ice cover is at about 91 percent, down from 95 percent last month. This means that the hard winter of 2014 almost, but ultimately did not produce the rare total ice-over of the world’s largest freshwater lake. Though it may take several weeks and though more snow and cold will likely occur, spring is actually going to happen. We’ve broken the back of the mighty beast.

From the DNT:

Experts noted that lake ice developed and expanded quickly this winter when Superior appeared on the way to its first ice-over since 1996. But continued strong winds, an increasingly higher and more powerful sun angle, and a blast of warm weather in the past week thwarted those chances.

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