ABC’s Elizabeth Vargas visits Range for arson story

Elizabeth Vargas in Babbitt

ABC’s Elizabeth Vargas was in Babbitt to shoot a 20/20 segment on the local fire chief convicted of multiple counts of arson. PHOTOS: 20/20.

Though I failed to say anything about it when it was happening, the talk of the Iron Range some time ago was the Babbitt fire chief who was caught setting fires. I didn’t say anything because it was kind of a sad story (the guy has some problems), not one befitting of my normal snark and righteous indignation.

But I will relay that this story caught the attention of the news magazine “20/20,” which sent the program’s co-anchor Elizabeth Vargas to Babbitt, Minnesota, recently to record a segment that will air on the Friday night edition of the show. The show airs at 9 p.m. CST.



    When is the Babbitt MN incident aired on 20/20 ID?

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