Duluth Homegrown: on the rise and coming soon

Duluth newsIf I were a fancy free singleton or DINK (Double Income, No Kids) I’d want to be at the Duluth Homegrown Music Festival, kicking off this Saturday in Duluth and running through May 4. Why, look at all these bands. Local bands. Duluth has a scene. A wholly-realized, by-God scene. If I were one of those people who could pull off bringing their kids to places were there is drinking and people yelling “f**k” all the time, I would also go. Kids love that shit, so long as they don’t get stabbed.

But I am not one of those people. Part of life is accepting what you are. I live in the woods with my family. I leave the woods for provisions, occasional and inconsistent social interaction, or for pay. My days of pretending to be an extrovert are over. I just have to cover the hours before and after radio shows now, and that’s totally manageable.

Still, people who go to things (people like you) are my base. I need eyes and ears and especially ears at Duluth Homegrown this year. Tell me what you hear that is amazing. I’ll be looking for 2014-2015 acts for the Great Northern Radio Show. Scouts at the last couple years’ events put me in touch with several acts I booked in the Great Northern. Some year I will ride into the city like a diamond merchant, briefcase full of contracts and a smooth white fedora on my well-coiffed noggin.

That will not happen this year. Because there is a Pinewood Derby and I have work the next week.



  1. I like how Old Knifey and the Ball Slashers are two separate groups.

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