Ely, MN, launches ‘The Ely Channel’

The Ely Channel

The Ely, MN, Chamber of Commerce announced today, April 1, it was launching the 24-hour cable network “The Ely Channel.” Featuring original programs like “DNR Cold Case,” “The Real Housewives of St. Louis County,” “Iron Range Chef,” and Sauna Wars,” this channel was unveiled at a news conference this afternoon.

Today the Ely Chamber is announcing it will go big on the small screen — and launch a 24/7 all-Ely, all-the-time network — The Ely Channel. It will include Iron Range Chef, Sauna Wars (heavily pixilated for FCC compliance) and a singalong, call-in show, Campfire! Ely Channel shows: S’more Boss. Or DNR: Cold Case Unit, Outfits of the Outfitters, Gone Dogsleddin’ and Nice ‘n’ Short Resort Report.

Ask your cable provider about getting the Ely Channel. Who doesn’t need a little more Ely in their life? For more on The Ely Channel, or to book a trip to see America’s Coolest Small Town, visit http://www.ely.org.

The website is very revealing. The Ely Echo reports. So does the New York Times. For real.

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