Hot webcam chicks at L&M Supply

The Chicks are Here

Chicks have arrived at northern Minnesota’s L&M Supply stores. See evidence of spring on a live web cam. PHOTO: L&M Supply

The cold broke over the weekend here in northern Minnesota and we are again operating under the assumption that spring is here. Another sure sign: the chicks at L&M are rocking under the hot lights.

Allow me to explain.

“The chicks are here” is the phrase you’ll see on the marquee at L&M Supply stores around northern Minnesota. Quite literally, they sell baby chickens and ducks. This replaces the phrase “The chicks are coming,” which adorns the sign for the month prior to the chicks’ arrival. Good times.

This year, L&M is offering a Chick Cam, so if you can’t see live chicks at L&M you can still get your fix of downy yellow fluff.

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