Iron Range Pizza Hut zero hour

Iron Range newsI’ve encountered a number of reports that Pizza Hut restaurants in Hibbing, Grand Rapids and other locations in the region have closed today.

I don’t yet know how many Pizza Hut restaurants have closed and I have not yet confirmed why they are closing, or if the closings are permanent. One employee suggested a franchisee bankruptcy.

There is no answer at the Grand Rapids or Hibbing Pizza Hut locations at this hour.

UPDATE: Superior, Wis., and Two Harbors are also closed. I’ve heard reports of other pizza hut locations closing all over the state. Individual locations are sometimes indicating that they will open sometime this year under new management.


  1. Noah Hanson says

    Willmar and Hutchinson locations closed recently as well. Litchfield and some others remain open. Not sure what is going on with Pizza Hut.

  2. The Ely Pizza Hut closed last fall. They were advertising for a complete replacement staff, Manager through servers. Same with Virginia, although I do not know if they have closed yet.

  3. Mike Worcester says

    Buffalo’s closed also. Rumor is that a new brand of pizza chain is going in there.

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