Nolan calls for U.S., Iron Range steel in pipelines

Iron Range newsU.S. Rep. Rick Nolan (D-MN8) is calling for steel used in the construction of proposed transnational oil and gas pipelines to be made in America, with American iron ore.

Nolan discussed his proposed bill with the Mesabi Daily News yesterday in an interview published today.

We don’t know the political status of the bill, but it seems unlikely to advance out of the Republican-led House of Representatives. Nevertheless, it was one of the top stories in northern Minnesota newspapers and newscasts this morning.

The notable political news here is that Nolan continues to project himself as a stronger pro-mining candidate than he was perceived to be when he was first elected in 2012. The MN-8 race was perceived as a top tier swing election then. It hasn’t garnered that kind of attention this year, but most of the grizzled political veterans I talk to seem to believe that Nolan is ahead of his Republican challenger Stewart Mills, but by an uncomfortably tight and volatile margin.


  1. WP Wicklund says

    What a pandering little simp.

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