Tower seeks to save decaying ‘back door’ bridge

Iron Range newsThe old iron ore bridge that provides a rusty retreat from the Iron Range city of Tower is in poor shape. They’d tear it down, but it’s one of the only ways out of town. The Tower Timberjay reports that the bridge qualifies for federal funding:

The city had successfully argued that the bridge serves as an essential second exit on the west edge of town and asked that it remain to serve local traffic. The bridge connects the Civic Center area with Harbor Drive, connecting to Highway 135. If the Highway 169 bridge wer ever closed, the bridge serves as the only other exit on that side of town.

At Monday’s council meeting, city officials got some good news from city engineer Matt Bolf. The bridge had made it onto a list of the worst bridges in the state, he said, and by doing so, had qualified for state funding for replacement.

Only on the Iron Range does federal recognition of your hazardous bridge qualify as good news.

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