Summer of the Iron Range selfie

Aaron Brown in an underground mine.Iron Range Tourism is putting on a unique contest this summer called “Get Your Selfie on the Iron Range.” Take a picture of yourself at an Iron Range tourism attraction and post it to the Iron Range Tourism FB or Instagram page (or e-mail it to them) and you’ll be eligible for a $500 prize.

I won’t lie, I entered this contest with an Iron Range selfie I took at the bottom of the Soudan Underground Mine.

Many places would make for a cool Iron Range selfie, both ironically and non-ironically. Here are some adventurous ones I’d like to see:

  • A selfie with a waterproof phone as you leap from a cliff diving location in an Iron Range mine pit (DANGEROUS, but RELATIVELY COMMON). Bonus for midair.
  • A selfie in which you look disinterested in a grownup function in the background … such as a union company family picnic or craft sale. Bonus for scowling. Double bonus for catching your eyes in mid-roll. (SAFE, but RUDE)
  • A selfie with the strangest person you can find at an Iron Range summer street dance (DANGEROUS, but 12 percent of Iron Range relationships do start this way).
  • A selfie with Tom Rukavina and a copy of “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson. (DANGEROUS)
  • A selfie with someone who thinks that cell phones can remotely check blood pressure. Make sure they hold up their arm.
  • A mosqelfie, or a selfie with mosquitos caked on your exposed skin.
  • A selfie getting a tattoo in a place that used to be a church on a part of your body not listed in the Bible.
  • A selfie with a deer on a highway (DON’T STARE AT THE HEADLIGHTS).

Or you could just take a nice Iron Range selfie in front of something interesting, like the Big Stick in Eveleth, Bob Dylan’s childhood home in Hibbing or the floating loon in Virginia, Minnesota.

Iron Range Tourism is a MinnesotaBrown sponsor, but this post is not sponsored. I just thought some folks would like to try their hands at a creative Iron Range selfie. When Iron Range Tourism releases its winner, I’ll share it here.

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