Talking MN-8, mining on AM950

State PoliticsOn Wednesday, June 25, I did a fairly extensive interview on AM950’s Morning Grind in the Twin Cities with guest hosts Wilhelm Davis and CityPages’ Aaron Rupar. The topic: Northern Minnesota mining and Eighth District politics. You can listen or download the podcast; I’m in the second half hour. It’s a pretty good primer on issues like Essar, PolyMet or the Rick Nolan/Stewart Mills Congressional Race in MN-8.

Be advised that AM950 is a liberal talk radio station, which affects how the questions are phrased, but I tried to honestly describe the lay of the land.

I did another interview on AM950 last week on June 18 with The Daily Report about economic diversification and the mining politics narrative. That one is also a pretty good introduction to the 2014 Northern Minnesota political scene, perhaps less wonky.


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