Casting call for new movie at Soudan mine

Iron Range newsThis Saturday, July 26, producers of the new movie “Sdanka’s War” will be holding an open casting call at the Soudan Underground Mine State Park on Northern Minnesota’s Iron Range. You need to be there by 7 a.m.

The Duluth-based production by LZ Productions and Almighty Dog Entertainment is seeking “20 or more guys dressed in plain tees, khaki or brown pants or simple jeans, with combat boots or work boots.” They’re also looking for “4-5 young ladies dressed in simple summer dresses.”

Some of the extras could be needed again for the duration of the weekend as the film shoots at a farm in Embarrass. More “bad guys” could be needed during this time. In essence, “these people will look like they live in a poor Eastern European village.”

What is “Sdanka’s War?”

Sdanka’s War is an action film set in Eastern Europe, inspired by real events of human trafficking.

A highly skilled sniper, a small band of government mercenaries and a bunch of bad guys pack the film with tank chases, arms depots and cars exploding, and gunfights.

The cast of professional athletes and wrestlers ensures there will be great fight scenes and stunts.

That is indeed the chief advantage of casting athletes and wrestlers.


  1. Benjamin says

    NBC’s lead on the story:

    “When aiming for a setting that mirror’s Serbia in the early 90’s, Sdanka’s War Producer and Co–Writer Dan Gagliasso says you can’t get better than Northern Minnesota.”

    I’m not sure this is something to be proud of…

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