I’ve (not) got the power

PHOTO: Sarah Laval, Flickr Creative Commons license

PHOTO: Sarah Laval, Flickr Creative Commons license

Last night’s storm knocked out power for 14,000 Lake Country Power customers, including MinnesotaBrown World Headquarters in Balsam Township. A storm like this knocked us out of power for three days two years ago.

I drove into town for a work thing, so I’m going to go shave in the bathroom after I post this. If the power outage persists, I’ll continue blogging into an old notebook left over from college that I keep on a bookshelf in my home office. The “blog” will be brought to town semi-annually for public viewing.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Power restored at 1:30 p.m. after my wife and mother-in-law noticed a tree on the line down the road. They called it in and the response was remarkably prompt. Normal life resumes Wednesday.

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