’90s alt band Live at Merritt Days 2014

The 1994 Live album "Throwing Copper" was a mainstay of most American teens in the 1990s. Live will perform at Merritt Days in Mt. Iron, MN on Aug. 9, 2014.

The 1994 Live album “Throwing Copper” was a mainstay of most American teens in the 1990s. Live will perform at Merritt Days in Mt. Iron, MN on Aug. 9, 2014.

The city of Mountain Iron, Minnesota, has good reason to love the ’90s.

After all, it was in 1890 that Leonidas Merritt and his family first discovered the famous Mesabi iron range and its rich hematite iron ore, spurring the settlement of Northern Minnesota and industrialization of a modern nation. In 1892, the Merritts managed to ship a load of ore off the remote Mesabi to the port city of Duluth despite opposing pressure from the Steel Trust out East. These seminal moments in Iron Range history seem to have left an indelible love of the ’90s in the “first city” of the Mesabi Iron Range, as evidenced by the recent headliners at Merritt Days.

This week, Mountain Iron announced that they’d booked the ’90s alternative sensation Live at Merritt Days on Aug. 11, 2014. I got this from one of the organizers. Live is perhaps best known for their 1994 album “Throwing Copper,” which I ordered through the BMG CD Club along with all my friends. You know “Lightning Crashes,” right? Sure you do. SURE YOU DO.

Last year, Mt. Iron featured Everclear, another ubiquitous ’90s group. As my generation passes quietly through our 30s into our 40s, our demographic power on the Iron Range is manifesting first in nostalgic music acts. Surely our views on public policy and our grip on the reins of power will soon follow.

Meantime, kudos to the Mt. Iron team for getting “Throwing Copper” through the permitting process so quickly. Everyone knows that “Throwing Copper” is the leading cause of environmental disasters around the world. (THIS IS LOCAL MINING HUMOR).

Once again folks that’s “Live,” at Merritt Days, the evening of Saturday, Aug. 9, 2014 — featuring an album released exactly 100 years after the death of Cassius Clay Merritt, who died sad and penniless after Rockerfeller took over the Merritt concerns and poured money into the Mesabi Iron Range.

I [HEART] the ’90s!


  1. That album, incidentally, was recorded down in Cannon Falls, MN. From one of the engineers:

    ” I have to say this was one of the most enjoyable recording sessions of my career, where everyone does their job well and you actually go out to dinner each night. All band members performed their parts in a few takes, they were amazingly easy to record. One night during guitar overdubs, there was an unbelievable electrical storm and through the big picture windows of the studio, the recording room flashed like a strobe light for hours. And no, we were not recording Lightning Crashes, it was The Damn At Otter Creek.”

    There are lots more details here if you’re interested:


  2. Michelle says

    Actually Live is performing on Sat Aug. 9. They are one of my favorite bands–highly underrated. I am going to try to be there!!

  3. Lighting Crashes awesome.

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