Fargo wins Emmy for best miniseries; Tolman denied

Fargo wins Emmy


Except for one outrage, it was a mostly wonderful night for the FX series “Fargo” at the 66th annual Emmys award ceremony last night in Los Angeles.

Fargo wins Emmy awards for best miniseries, and best writing and directing. Billy Bob Thornton, nominated for best actor for the role of Lorne Malvo, wasn’t predicted to win and, indeed, did not. Martin Freeman won an Emmy, but for his role in “Sherlock,” not for his turn as Lester Nygaard in “Fargo.” Allison Tolman, however, nominated for best supporting actress for the role of Molly Solverson, was considered a favorite by most TV critics. I had argued Tolman was the balancing force that carried the show. Unfortunately, she lost to Kathy Bates in American Horror Story.

Unfortunately, the underestimated actress who brilliantly portrayed an underestimated character in one of the year’s most underestimated series was underestimated by the Emmy voters. There is a sort of sad, poetic irony here, one that most Minnesotans would recognize as native to our land.

Tollman took to social media after the news broke:

That’s right, she ate her feelings. Allison Tolman might be from Texas, but on behalf of a state not known for rolling out the welcome mat, she is henceforth an honorary Minnesotan for life. That’s better than any Emmy.*

Sadly, Tolman won’t be returning to Fargo because Noah Hawley will be casting entirely new characters for the upcoming season, which will be set in Sioux Falls in the year 1979. Fans of the show will recognize that next season will depict the events of the “Sioux Falls” incident mentioned often in this year’s show, but deemed too horrible to describe.

“Fargo” the series clearly has the respect of the TV industry, even if the voters weren’t willing to pass over the big names for Tolman. Allison Tolman might not have an Emmy, but her ten episodes on “Fargo” were brilliant, and she’s more than earned future opportunities in quality projects.

On a side note, notice how far the show Fargo has come. Here’s the real mayor of Bemidji after last night’s Emmy broadcast:

That’s right, the real mayor of Bemidji is a convert. That’s what quality television can do.

You can read my Minnesota-centric reviews of all ten episodes of “Fargo” here. I’ll be reviewing the new season with a wider Midwestern lens.

* Not really, but, you know. Well, then.

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