Franken & foes in first MN-SEN debate (via @TheUptake)

Minnesota politicsThis morning at 10:30, U.S. Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.), Republicans Mike McFadden, Jim Abeler and David Carlson, and presumptive Independence Party nominee Kevin Terrell will participate in Election 2014’s first full MN-SEN debate at Farm Fest.

Next week, McFadden, Abeler and Carlson will compete in a Tuesday, Aug. 12, primary election in which the endorsed McFadden is currently favored. Terrell faces a number of relatively unknown candidates in the IP primary. Franken has only token opposition in the DFL primary.

You can watch the MN-SEN debate live here on MinnesotaBrown, courtesy of the Uptake:

I’ve not covered the Republican primary in the governor’s race as closely as that race may deserve. It appears to be an open free-for-all between four fairly well-established GOP candidates. The Uptake provided coverage of the recent Minnesota Public Radio debate between this conservative quartet:

For more first-hand coverage of Election 2014, check out (and support) The Uptake.

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