Hibbing named safest city in Minnesota

Iron Range newsThe Iron Range city of Hibbing has been named the safest city in Minnesota, based on a statistical analysis of violent and property crime rates.

The source blog, Safe Choice Security, is a commercial security system seller that uses these rankings as link bait (well played), but the statistics appear valid.

It’s hard to declare a place “safe” or “unsafe” based on simple division of population and crime incidences, as there are many moving parts to the reality of public safety. The list of towns seems to be entirely comprised of small towns and affluent metro suburbs. I imagine that one or two isolated incidents would knock most small towns out of contention, but that doesn’t necessarily mean those towns are unsafe. (This list excluded towns below 5,000 in population for just this reason).

In essence, Hibbing is a small town that had a relatively quiet year. One way to describe that is “safe.”

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