Fed meteorologists back off polar vortex talk

PHOTO: Hobvias Sudoneighm, Creative Commons license

PHOTO: Hobvias Sudoneighm, Creative Commons license

Here in Northern Minnesota, lamenting winter is a growing cottage industry. Why, just think of it! Another polar vortex. Of course, the fact that winter is always cold here remains a fact that kills the buzz of trumped-up media reports, but only if you let it.

Lately it seems that our cultural memory extends back only as far as the most popular current social media platform. As such, the warmer winters of the early ’10s (Yes, two-thousand-tens) have apparently ruined people for winter forever. You know, until all that is forgotten. Right about now. Everyone just forgot about everything because the Comic Sans typewriter is trending.

After early reports that the polar vortex (a colder than average winter) would be back this year, federal meteorologists with NOAA are now saying that’s unlikely. Rather, this winter will be drier and more in keeping with a “normal” winter. (Bearing in mind that “normal” winters are, in fact, cold, including snowstorms and subzero temperatures).

Does this affect your life? Well, no. You still need winter clothes and some kind of plan to remove snow from your driveway. But the first time you see the media freak out because the weather got cold or snowy, perhaps you’ll have the information you need to sigh, then turn off the screen.

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