Jet-setting Fosston native brings YouTube series to Twin Cities

Badge of Shame comedyLast year, we held our winter edition of the Great Northern Radio Show in Fosston, Minnesota. The “jam” that inspired that show was this video, “Straight Outta’ Fosston” by rapper/comedian Bino White (Fosston’s own Joe Hanson).

Hanson, who now lives in California, has a well-followed web series “Badge of Shame.” A mix of music, sketches and “man-on-the-street” interview segments, they’re actually quite amusing. He’s been all over the world with them, but he recently did a segment from the Twin Cities. It’s worth a laugh or two, especially for those of you who have strong opinions about the St. Paul vs. Minneapolis culture debate.


  1. Hanson sounds like the unknown McKenzie brother (from Cana-DA! eh?)
    Speaking as a southerner (in comparison to Fosston) there’s none of that here. For example, we might say “about” with an almost imperceptible lean to “ow” as in cow”, rather than Hanson’s blatant, throaty, abou–oot.

    But seriously, that was fun.

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