Deer hunting season begins with big announcement

Hunting safety a must for deerThe 2014 rifle deer hunting season opens tomorrow morning. Though the deer hunting looks to be tough this year, thousands of hunters are making the trip into the woods and wilds of Minnesota to participate in this annual tradition.

The annual Governor’s Deer Hunting Opener is taking place in Bemidji this year. Like the Governor’s Fishing Opener event in May, this community celebration funded by sponsors creates a party-like atmosphere while putting the state’s top executive into various awkward positions and taking pictures of the results. Though there is a little more to go, most of the event has already happened so hunters can be ready to hit the woods tomorrow morning.

Some big news was announced today, however. The 2015 Governor’s Deer Hunting Opener will be held in Mountain Iron, the famed “first town” of the Mesabi Iron Range. So we’ve got that to look forward to.

Meantime, you can’t go wrong with my 2013 classic, which I reprinted today on my Up North blog at the Star Tribune: The Iron Ranger who would not hunt.


  1. The best 3 weekends in Minnesota…. Friends, family, fire side talks, the peace of sitting in God’s glorious woods and so many other blessings… Enjoy and be safe.

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