Hibbing ‘New Year Baby’ descendent of Hatfield-McCoy feud

The Hatfield clan circa 1897

The Hatfield clan circa 1897

To prove the world is a small, strange place, the first baby born at the Fairview Range Medical Center in Hibbing in 2015 is the ninth generation descendent of a world-famous family feud from the Appalachian region of Kentucky and West Virginia.

Kelly Grinsteinner of the Hibbing Daily Tribune reported the story last weekend.

Conner Hatfield may resemble a normal, healthy baby boy, but according to his mom and dad, Valerie and Derrick Hatfield, Conner’s great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather was William A. “Devil Anse” Hatfield, patriarch of one of the family’s embroiled in a deadly multi-generational feud with the McCoy family.

Though the history will be passed down, Derrick won’t be instilling any grudges in his new son:

Derrick said he only plans to pass down his love of fishing to both [sister] Alison and Conner.

“They will both spend time with dad,” he said. “It won’t matter what they want to do. I don’t have much to pass down besides fishing.”

Oh, and hopefully pass on some manners, Derrick said.

“But then dad would have to learn some first,” he joked.

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