Annual rite of Minnesota ‘All Hockey Hair Team’

hockey_hairMany of you might have seen this already, but it’s honestly worth another look even if you have. Every year, John King details the best hockey hairdos of the Minnesota State High School Boys Hockey Tournament in a segment he calls the “All Hockey Hair Team.”

Minnesota is a hockey state, where a significant number of the best young athletes at our schools dedicate themselves not to football, baseball or basketball, but ice hockey. The NHL still matters here. One of the unique foibles of the “manly” sport of hockey — which is one part grace, one part speed, and one part fist fight — is the amount of attention boys and men pay to their specific style of hockey hairdo.

Interestingly, this is one area where the rise of girls and women’s hockey has somehow focused the misplaced focus on physical appearance on the men instead. Progress? Why not.

At any rate, every year King produces these hilarious results:

(h/t Bob Collins, “Great hockey, but, oh, that hair!“)

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