Grand Rapids Library wants YOU to make Peep diorama

A peep diorama from a previous year of the Grand Rapids (Minn.) Public Library Peep Diorama Contest.

A previous year’s entry in the the Grand Rapids (Minn.) Public Library Peep Diorama Contest.

There is only one constant, and that is change. Our lives are but marks along the way of change. Nowhere is that more evident in the fact that four generations after mud roads and a multi-lingual society in the remote forests of Northern Minnesota, the Grand Rapids (Minn.) Area Library is now sponsoring a Springtime Peeps (TM) diorama contest. And it’s going to be adorable.

Peeps are marshmallows, traditionally molded into the shape of small yellow chicks. Big Gelatin, however, has since ramped up market supply with multi-colored chicks and the addition of rabbits. Since eating Peeps is considerably less desirable than the *idea* of eating Peeps, contests like the one in Grand Rapids have cropped up around the Christian world touched by Peeps.

Peeps are ideal art fodder, since they start out highly moldable before hardening like cement when exposed to industrialized air supply of large public buildings.

The Grand Rapids Area Library Peeps Diorama Contest prize this year, as it is every year, is a $10 Target gift card, a tooth brush, and toothpaste. There are several categories based on age, ranging from children up to adults, and a “Peep’les Choice” award. Entries must be brought to the library by Friday, March 30.

I could attempt to draw a line between colorful marshmallow chickens and the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth celebrated annually with Easter, but WE HAVE TO WORK ON OUR PEEPS DIORAMA!


  1. John Ramos says

    I’m always up for a good peep show.

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