On ‘Love and Profanity’

Love and ProfanityIt’s true, I haven’t written a book since my 2008 release “Overburden: Modern Life on the Iron Range.” I made one failed attempt at a novel, and have considered writing other nonfiction titles at different times, but frankly I got busy with the radio show and young kids. I write 5,000-10,000 words a week, just not for a book. Not yet.

I can announce, however, that a short humor essay I wrote is part of a charming young adult anthology called “Love and Profanity.” Edited by Nick Healy, this work of creative nonfiction shares stories of teenagers navigating the tricky world of love, social status and growing up.

My story is a retelling of a disastrous prom date that I’d written about for the radio before, but now told from the point of view of my teenage self — which is the voice of the whole book. Forty authors, including a mix of established writers and newcomers, contributed specific stories to the mix.

It’s a great book for teens, who will identify with the heartbreaking and hilarious stories, but worth picking up by a general reader as well, especially if you want to be transported back to a much more awkward time in your life.

Love & Profanity features more than forty brief, brilliant, and unforgettable true stories from writers both renowned and on the rise. Discover strange and surprising scenes of people coming of age amidst the everyday intensity of teenage life. Witness transformative moments arising from the mundane. Behold the young adult in full splendor and horror, bursting with love and profanity.

Find out more at Switch Press. Available at major online bookstores. They’re having a book release party in St. Paul the same night as my Great Northern Radio Show up in Brooklyn Park. Which is another way of saying that I can’t go to the party because I’m working, just like back in high school.

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