Status quo wins out at RAMS

Iron Range newsThe Range Association of Municipalities and Schools (RAMS), source of much controversy earlier this year, held their mail-in election for chairperson of the board. The Mesabi Daily News reports that Silver Bay City Councilor Carlene Perfetto won the election 22-18, defeating Virginia City Councilor Charlie Baribeau, who had called for sweeping reforms of the organization’s purpose.

The results of the voting were announced at last night’s RAMS meeting, where the board also appointed former RAMS vice president Tim Riordon to the new position of executive secretary, including a contract for office duties and lobbying. Riordon lost his spot on RAMS when he was trounced in his bid for re-election to the Virginia School Board after the botched “shared high school” project with Mt. Iron-Buhl and Eveleth-Gilbert.

In summary, the only documented change is the fact that the board has added office staff. The organization is in the same spot it was before — searching for purpose within a largely closed loop of local public officials. Now RAMS again prepares to search for an Executive Director, the details of which are listed in the story.


  1. Now that they’ve added office staff watch RAMS take off….. Just hold on and marvel at the efficiency and effectiveness.

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