Dry spring jacks up fire danger in Northern Minnesota

Elana Penkova, Flickr CC

Elana Penkova, Flickr CC

It’s been an unseasonably dry spring so far in Northern Minnesota, so much so that yesterday’s high winds generated a tinder box of wildfires across the region. None grew out of control, but forestry people I know were hopping between at least a dozen small fires just in the immediate region. The temperatures fell quite a bit today, but not much precipitation is expected.

While the weather has been much better here compared to last year’s extended winter, the lack of moisture has dropped the lake levels and pegged out the fire danger. Northern Minnesota could also face serious drought unless we get a lot of rain later in the spring.

The DNR considers the region’s fire danger to be very high, one step below “extreme,” which will come if we don’t get more moisture soon.

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