Iron Range Earth Fest promises blend of heart and Sol

Iron Range Earth Fest 2015If you follow national and international news, it’s easy to see some underlying trends hovering just off the front pages. The cost of solar energy has gone way down in the last couple years, making it affordable and arguably a leading prospect for new energy production in the near future. Climate change continues to affect places all over the world, including the plants and animals of our North Woods. And, of course, people still seem to enjoy beer with unknown labels from mysterious secret vats for reasons that are unclear.

But what could all this mean for the ol’ Iron Range? Well, lots, as you can see this Saturday at the Iron Range Earth Fest in Mountain Iron. There you can learn how you can use solar energy in your home or business. There will be a session on homemade beer and wine and Minnesota Public Radio reporter Dan Kraker will present findings from his coverage of climate change in Northern Minnesota.

The event also includes a Green Inventors Expo, the annual Sustainability Initiative Contest and the Northeastern Minnesota premiere of the film, “Bringing It Home: Industrial Hemp, Healthy Houses, and a Greener Future for America.”

The Seventh Annual Iron Range Earth Fest runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Mountain Iron Community Center, the Merritt Elementary School and Messiah Lutheran Church. All of these buildings are located directly along Highway 169 as you approach Mt. Iron from Hibbing and Chisholm in the south or Virginia from the north.

Earth Fest 2015 Poster

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