On fate and one last good deed

PHOTO: Hubble ESA, Flickr CC

PHOTO: Hubble ESA, Flickr CC

The city of Duluth is still shaken up by a deadly bus accident that occurred on Superior Street last Tuesday. The driver of one Duluth Transit Authority bus experienced a medical emergency which caused that bus to careen out of control on Superior Street, striking another DTA bus. One man was killed and nine were injured in the accident.

How often do we say “in case I get hit by a bus tomorrow?” It’s the distilled metaphor for fate. As Kevin Jacobson at Northland NewsCenter reports, however, this story drips with the notion of fate.

The man killed, Michael Mooney, was on his way to return a woman’s briefcase he had found before he started work that day. She told him it was no hurry, but he wanted to do the right thing as soon as possible.

It’s popular to say “enjoy every moment” after stories like this. I like to think that this is actually a lesson in acceptance. There is so much we don’t control in this world. So, don’t worry about those things. Worry about what we can change. Do the good we know we can.


  1. Dave Durrant says

    Must be fate – the link to share this article on my FaceBook page had an advert for a Folding Wooden Dish Rack. Link didn’t work. Yup, must be fate alright.

  2. In addition to the good deed the man killed was doing with the briefcase, it seems that a big part of the reason he was killed is that he apparently left his seat to try to help the driver, who apparently suffered a medical emergency.

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