Ugly ship probably has a nice personality

Great news, everyone! The first ocean-going vessel, or “salty,” of the season was slated to arrive in the Lake Superior Port of Duluth today.

The Maltese grain ship, the Kom, passed beneath the Aerial Lift Bridge and it was just  …

The Malta-flagged ocean freighter Kom. PHOTO: Duluth Seaway Port Authority

The Malta-flagged ocean freighter Kom. PHOTO: Duluth Seaway Port Authority

… stunning.

Sure is … yellowish.

I, uh, gotta check if I got my dip/tet booster.

Duluth, Minn. USA (April 13, 2015) – The Port of Duluth-Superior is preparing to welcome its very first oceangoing ship of the 2015 commercial shipping season – the Kom – the first ‘saltie’ to have made a full transit of the 2,342-mile Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway.

The Kom (pronounced with a long ‘o’ as in ‘comb’) is expected to sail into port beneath Duluth’s Aerial Bridge shortly after noon today [ETA 12:15 p.m.] then proceed to the Superior side of the harbor to load at two terminals – Gavilon Grain and CHS.

Built in 1997, the 465-foot bulk carrier which flies the flag of Malta, began this voyage in LaCoruna, Spain. Here in the Twin Ports, the Kom will load a total of 12,100 metric tons of durum wheat, then depart for Italy, where the weat will be milled into flour for pasta-making.

The Kom is under the command of Captain Mariyan Yotov (pronounced ‘Maw-ree-yawn Yō-tōv’). Local vessel agent is Guthrie Hubner; stevedoring is being handled by Ceres Terminals; tug assists are being provided by Great Lakes Towing Co.


  1. Travis Ryder says

    Poor thing’s homely AND has to carry that name around? I’ve never felt so bad for a freighter.

  2. The situation is mitigated somewhat by the Maltese flag, which is one of very few featuring a dragon:

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