Cliffs lays off 100 Iron Range salaried workers

Cliffs Natural Resources

On Monday, Cliffs Natural Resources announced 100 job cuts at its Northern Minnesota mines affecting salaried workers at Hibbing Taconite, United Taconite in Eveleth and Northshore Mining in Babbitt and Silver Bay.

Cliffs had declared optimism about avoiding Iron Range shutdowns just last week, but also unveiled a mine closure in Michigan and huge first quarter losses. Low iron and steel prices worldwide has the entire industry sweating right now, with summer shutdowns planned at U.S. Steel’s mines in Mt. Iron and Keewatin.

Range mines will be seeking any means necessary to bring their cost of production down in this tough environment. Best case scenario: they ride out the storm and come back up when the leaves turn color. Worst case: this carries on through 2016. Nevertheless, this last round of cuts by Cliffs is described as permanent.


  1. unanimous says

    Just to clarify these weren’t layoffs. They were terminations/firings…

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