Duluth wraps up Dylan Fest, starts new era

The band Tin Can Gin playing the Blood on the Tracks Express in 2015 (PHOTO: Bridget Bennett for MPR's The Current)

Tin Can Gin playing the 2015 Blood on the Tracks Express (PHOTO: Bridget Bennett for MPR’s The Current)

Bob Dylan’s birthday of May 24 passed me by this weekend with little fanfare. In years past as organizer for Dylan Days in Dylan’s hometown of Hibbing, Minnesota, I’d spend that day with Dylan fans from all over the world. This year, we had made the tough decision to let the event go in our town, handing the baton to Dylan Fest in Duluth where more volunteers and community support was present.

MPR’s The Current just posted a feature story by Bridget Bennett about the Blood on the Tracks Express, the train ride that goes from Duluth to Two Harbors and back with live music and a party-like atmosphere as part of Duluth’s festivities. It looks like tremendous fun and I’m hoping to ride that train some year.

Congratulations to our friends in Duluth for a fine event. I’m afraid Dylan’s birthday floated by without notice in Hibbing, as though we were never there. But we were. Such is the nature of wind, poetry and human life.


  1. Gerry Mantel says

    Wish I could have attended.
    I have a Master’s Degree in Garbology, having collected Dylan albums and bootlegs for about 35 years.
    I even consulted with A.J. Weberman on the matter, ca. 1974.
    Eventually secured a few “rarities” that I eventually dumped off, not including the original Freewheelin.’

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