New NFL team in Duluth, Minnesota?

PHOTO: Jim Culp, Flickr CC

PHOTO: Jim Culp, Flickr CC

This week in deeply implausible ideas, a Proctor city councilor has announced he’s bringing a resolution to Monday night’s meeting launching a bid to attract an NFL franchise to the nearby Twin Ports of Duluth and Superior, Wisconsin. Proctor City Councilor Travis White is also bringing a resolution calling for the building of a stadium for this purpose.

You can read the resolution at the bottom of this story at Northlands News Center.

So, you know how Los Angeles is desperately seeking an NFL franchise, and how the NFL really wants one there but no one has figured how to get an existing franchise to move and there isn’t any appetite for another expansion of the league?


We’re going to DO THIS.

In all seriousness, I think a professional hockey team makes sense for the Twin Ports. I think all southern NHL teams should move to Canada or damn close to it (i.e.: Duluth) to recognize the sports growing regional appeal amid dwindling national appeal.

Getting a hockey team here would be a major challenge. Getting an NFL team here would cost more than everything in the city of Proctor and all the earth beneath it down to the molten iron core of the Planet Earth.

But hey, so you’re saying there’s a chance, amiright?


  1. The Vikings shoulda moved there. Seems most football fans live outside urban Minnesota anyway.

  2. David Gray says

    Bring back the Duluth Eskimos…

  3. Atle rennan says

    I think It would work

  4. Paul albrecht says

    How about the duluth north shores.

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