Another restrictive deer hunt in Minnesota


The 2015 Minnesota rifle deer hunt will continue last year’s restrictive approach. IMAGE: MN DNR

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources announced the regulations for the 2015 deer hunting season. Like last year, it’s a more restrictive approach. For the rifle season, most of the state will have a lottery for antlerless permits. However, several zones in the Northeast (including my family’s shack) will be bucks only.

The primary rifle season for deer hunting will run from Nov. 7 through Nov. 22, though there are areas with a shorter season and other special seasons. Bow hunting occurs in October.

This is the second year with a fairly restrictive season. The DNR is trying to build up the population in certain areas where populations have lagged in recent years. The hope is next year’s season will be more friendly to hunters.

In truth, hunters who are willing to put in the time and technique usually can get their deer. These kinds of seasons are hardest on the more casual hunter, which doesn’t help the fact that the number of hunters has dropped over the past several years as fewer people take up the sport.

You can read more about the 2015 Minnesota Deer Hunting season here. The zone map and designations are here.

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