‘Fargo’ coming back in September (and so are my reviews)

UPDATE: The full Fargo Season 2 trailer is here!

Fargo Season 2Last year, I stumbled into writing a popular series of blog posts about the FX series “Fargo,” based on the famous Coen Brothers film of the same name.

My posts started with a tongue-in-cheek review of the accuracy of the Minnesota details in the show, only to morph into critical analysis as I became more enamored with the show each week.

Indeed, “Fargo” was the surprise critical hit of 2014, jetting to the top of most best-of lists. And it’s coming back.

FX has announced the second season of Fargo will air sometime in September 2015. The main cast includes Ted Danson, Patrick Wilson, Jean Smart, Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons, with recurring appearances by Brad Garrett, Nick Offerman, Bruce Campbell and others.

The first teaser highlights Patrick Wilson as the young Lou Solverson and his father-in-law and boss Sheriff Hank Larsson, played by a bearded Ted Danson.

The second teaser features Kirsten Dunst as beautician Peggy Blomquist.

These teasers do a good job showing the “Fargo” style Noah Hawley so masterfully drew from the original film — building tension with the pressure of time, temperature and colliding characters. Plus listen to the idle on those 1970s prowlers. I’d going to give that detail my first Oh, ya! of the season.

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