Iron Range Original Music Association to host street show

1975134_721158384582922_1735675008_nIROMA, or the Iron Range Original Music Association, is a loose alliance of active bands producing original music based out of Northern Minnesota’s Iron Range. Its members include a couple acts I’ve booked for my Great Northern Radio Show and that you see on the marquees of a number of establishments here and around the state.

On Thursday, July 23, IROMA will put on a family friendly street show featuring several member bands in downtown Virginia, Minnesota. The event, backed by the 218 Taphouse and The Shop Coffeehouse, includes intimate acoustic sets inside and louder sets on stage outside at 235 Chestnut Street.

Here’s the lineup, which will alternate between the coffeeshop and outside in front of the 218:

5:45 – Mark Henderson
6:00 – The Iron Range Outlaw Brigade
6:45 – Heather Surla and Eric Krenz
7:00 – Hobo Revival
7:45 – Nick Epp
8:00 – Josh Palmi Band
8:45 – Rob Wheeler
9:00 – The Christopher David Hanson Band
9:45 – Matt Ray
10:00- Rich Mattson and the Northstars

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