Range-area lawmaker Dill faces serious cancer

State Rep. David Dill (DFL-Crane Lake) represents the state's largest House district including Koochiching, northern St. Louis, Lake and Cook counties.

State Rep. David Dill (DFL-Crane Lake) represents the state’s largest House district including Koochiching, northern St. Louis, Lake and Cook counties.

Rep. David Dill (DFL-Crane Lake) is gravely ill and receiving cancer treatment at the Mayo Clinic. The Tower Timberjay reported the news first, followed by the Duluth News Tribune and other media outlets. Dill and his family have not yet released a public statement explaining the situation, but several area officials have confirmed the serious nature of the illness Dill faces.

Dill has overcome a number of health issues during his 12 years in the legislature, including kidney failure and other complications from diabetes. In recent years Dill lost a great deal of weight and had been much healthier. Throughout his health issues he has kept up with his legislative duties and returned from absences for key votes.

Without knowing the full nature of Dill’s ailment or prognosis, it’s impossible to say how bad this is, but the situation merits a thought or prayer sent to him and his family. Dill has established a record as a fighter and will certainly do all he can in recovery. In my experience, I’d describe Dill as one of the smartest members of the Range delegation.

Considered one of the more conservative DFLers in the legislature, Dill represents District 3A, which is the largest district in the state covering the vast woodlands of Koochiching, northern St. Louis, Lake and Cook counties. Though Dill is the senior House member in the Iron Range delegation and current chair of the IRRRB, his district is only partially comprised of Range precincts. Most of it is Borderland or North Shore, where he represents people who don’t identify as Iron Rangers whatsoever. It’s a complicated political mix and Dill has navigated it with great success during his career.


  1. I hope he will be well. David Dill’s words and actions always match. He never hides behind faux ideology. He is an honest man, with values. If he disagrees with you he explains his position in simple and succinct terms. There is something to appreciate about that.

    I came to respect him in 2004 when we created a forum for him and Bill Hansen to debate local issues. A lot of the people I was working with seemed to view it as an opportunity to oust Dill. I started to admire Dill more through that experience.

    Hopefully he will be well.

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