Smoke Week

Smoke Week

Here in Northern Minnesota, we’ve been dealing with a thick haze of smoke from Canadian wildfires for more than a week. Just this week the smoke finally dipped further south, blanketing the Twin Cities and Southern Minnesota. Yesterday, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency recorded air quality indexes as high as 200 in the Twin Cities, essentially unsafe to breath.

Speaking from last week’s experiences further North, the air is thick. If you exert yourself you feel tired very soon, inexplicably weakened by unseen forces. It’s a sort of real-life demonstration of what it’s like to have lung or heart disease. And for those who actually have lung or heart disease, it’s damn near impossible to do anything.

Quite a thing. Makes for a lot of complaining. All I can think of is the fact that huge portions of the world’s population lives in air like this all the time.

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