ArcelorMittal walks away from negotiations with Steelworkers

United Steelworkers of AmericaThe United Steelworkers report that Arcelor Mittal has walked away from the negotiating table during the contentious contract talks that have weighed on Iron Range workers and families this month.

The USW committee is returning home, where members will brief local miners in coming days, according to a USW statement. Workers at ArcelorMittal’s Minorca Mine in Mt. Iron held a practice picket last week to prepare for the possibility of a real one.

Though the Minorca Mine is the smallest on the Iron Range, the tone of these talks carries over into negotiations with larger companies like U.S. Steel and Cliffs Natural Resources. The Steelworkers generally seek equity among the negotiated settlements across the Iron Range, which also means that management and labor disputes are regional, not local.


  1. No time like the present to strike, close the mines down and see how well the economic diversification being pushed by liberals works out.

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