How mean is Lake Superior?

Last week, Lake Superior Magazine ran an interesting infographic story titled “How Big is Lake Superior?” (Big). The centerpiece was a news graphic showing the outline of Lake Superior placed over the eastern sea board, a span stretching from Baltimore to Boston. The rest of the story talked about how much water was in Lake Superior. (Lots).

That’s nice and all, but what about the fact that Lake Superior also looks like an angry face?


angry lake superior

We know how big it is, but How Mean is Lake Superior?




Well, Lake Superior is so mean it will sometimes hunt down a deer and take it out with its mighty Keweenaw Peninsula jaws.



Lake Superior is so mean that it’s everyone’s least favorite boss.



Angry Lake Superior kids

Lake Superior is so mean that it sometimes uses words to hurt instead of words to help.



Lake Superior is so mean that it just casually lingers around the Edmund Fitzgerald memorial as though that would somehow be OK.


Lake Superior trump

Lake Superior is so mean that Donald Trump is considering asking it to be his running mate so he has someone to “do the dirty work” in debates.

I think we can all agree that Lake Superior is big, but that it’s also kind of a jerk.


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