Pro-Horton song warns of Duluth’s potholed heroinscape

Chuck Horton

Chuck Horton

We haven’t discussed the Duluth Mayor’s race in a while, partly because city council president Emily Larson is so widely expected to rout boxing trainer and drug counselor Chuck Horton next Tuesday. But Horton’s supporters aren’t letting up, as evidenced by the most jaw-dropping local political media I’ve experienced in a very long time:

Behold, the pro-Horton song “Fighting for Duluth“:

If you didn’t get very far, enjoy this excerpt from the lyrics:

(Yea-yeah) What’s become of our city?
The place we all so dearly love.
We need someone to come and save us
From all the bullies and the drugs.

When we were young we used to ride our bikes around
On the smooth, smooth streets we used to have.
Now all the roads are cracked and crumblin’
And everyone’s on heroin.

I’ve never known Duluth’s streets to be “smooth, smooth,” and I think the premise is that at least some of the people aren’t on heroin (voters?), but who am I to judge? Duluth, this one is up to you.

On a serious note, drugs are a problem in Duluth and they’re a problem on the Range, too. But addressing addiction in society is a deep, complicated challenge — part economics, part cultural, part public health — and probably best separated out from filling potholes and “fighting.”

UPDATE: The origins of this video remain unclear, though I would now lean toward the theory that this was done out of parody, not support for Horton. I could be wrong, but this might indeed be too good to be true. Though it is a skillful use of actual hyperbolic rhetoric to create ghost parody. Well done (if this is parody) and obviously not well done (if not parody).


  1. I’m pretty sure it’s satire…but I could be wrong. Can you confirm a source for the song?

    • I think you’re right. It’s got some theater fingerprints in the comments section. All I’ve got is the YouTube listing. It’s not from Horton’s campaign, near as I can tell.

  2. Man, the ethos have shifted. Duluth grows so tiresome. The Ripsaw days are long gone. Remember that guy in the back of the Ripsaw every week? He went to a different dive bar each issue and wrote beautifully of his debauchery. Can’t remember the title.

    What’s going on in Superior?

  3. John Ramos says

    If you listen closely,
    You can hear the sound on the wind–
    It’s the wails of children crying out
    For a hero to rescue them.

  4. John Ramos says

    Well, if a pothole could talk
    It would say, “Fill me.”
    Well, that’s what our hearts are sayin’ too.
    This town’s a jungle, boy–it’s wild.
    And the dealers are all jokers if they think they’re gonna win.

    [boxing bell clangs]

    He’s fighting for Duluth
    He’s fighting for Duluth
    He’s fighting for Duluth
    And the outcome of this battle depends on you.

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