Come on down to the big barn show!

(Painting by Charlotte Joan Sternberg)

(Painting by Charlotte Joan Sternberg)

This Saturday, Nov. 7, I will join a dedicated group of radio professionals, musicians and barn enthusiasts to do another edition of our critically-acclaimed Great Northern Radio Show.

This time we’re broadcasting live from a barn, specifically Larson’s Barn near McGregor in rural Aitkin County, Minnesota. We’ll have the Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank, a great young bluegrass and gospel band Porcupine Creek and Timmy Haus, a fan-favorite from our Grand Marais show who happens to be from the McGregor area. Lots of great surprises, comedy and storytelling as well, all continuing our mission of celebrating the real life joys and follies of modern life off the beaten path.

We ain’t slick, but we sound good.

We ain’t a big city, but we’re worth the drive anyway.

If a sketch ain’t funny there’s a pretty good chance we won’t try to do it again in a slightly different way during the next show. Also, I don’t sing and never will. Our show has a unique, humorous voice spoken in a real Minnesota accent and we make the program for everyone — all ages and degrees of sincerity — a repository for reformed hipsters and bitter old cranks.

We’re merging some old-school sounds with some new technology allowing us to do remote broadcasts from places with sketchy internet access. If it works, and I think it will, we’ll be able to do the show from more interesting and unusual places in the future.

Audience members need to be in their seats by 4:30 p.m. Tickets are $10, free for kids and college students. Last I checked we’ve got a few seats left, so call today at 218-326-1234, (toll free) 800-662-5799, or visit Northern Community Radio.

It’s entirely possible that you CAN’T take a road trip to a barn in the middle of Aitkin County. If so, please tune in. We’re designing the show to accompany the shopping trip, the hunting shack, the living room or long drive across country. If you miss it, catch the podcast later on and rebroadcasts on your local public radio station.

Tune in 5-7 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 7 for the very special barn edition of the Great Northern Radio Show, the Big, Big Show from Your Hometown (or barn)!

  • 91.7 KAXE Grand Rapids, Aitkin County and the Iron Range
  • 90.5 KBXE Bagley and Bemidji
  • 89.9 FM in Brainerd and Baxter
  • 103.9 FM in Ely
  • Streaming live all over the world at Tune in to our past shows here (with the infamous new website coming at some point, at this point before Christmas is the ideal).


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