Fargo will be back for third season


The Hollywood Reporter reports that Noah Hawley’s “Fargo” has been renewed for a third season on the FX network. Once again, the new season of “Fargo” will involve an entirely original cast of characters and plot line set in the fictionalized Minnesota landscape first created by hometown filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen.

As many of you know, I write about “Fargo” here at MinnesotaBrown.

I’ll again place my marker on the concept that the Mesabi Iron Range in Northern Minnesota would be a remarkable place to set a season of “Fargo.” If you wanted to go further back in history from the current 1979 storyline, I’d recommend the 1950s on the Iron Range.

The 1950s was a rowdy time here, very different then the idealized Ozzie and Harriet world found on American TV sets. I’ve got two grandpas who were lucky to survive the 1950s on the Iron Range. Fast cars and sawdust bars; back roads and wild girls. You had the full force of first generation immigrants from around the world intermarrying and breaking up old neighborhoods, mines were shutting down, but new taconite plants glistened on the horizon. You had the rising prominence of labor unions in political and civic life, a huge veteran population home from the war, communists in the woods, Johnny Cash and good time country music, plus the teenage years of Bob Freaking Dylan!

Fortuna’s sword! I could write this! Noah Hawley, you’re a busy guy. Two new shows on top of “Fargo?” Professional writer with local knowledge for hire.


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